Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Antonio Millo Isolario

A fresh publication from Greece:
The manuscript Isolario by Antonio Millo, dedicated to Signor Sforza Palavicino (1582) was recently published in Greece, thanks to the collector Sylvia Ioannou, possesor of the original.
In the 300 pages high quality volume, Millo's isolario is reproduced in facsimile (the original italian text is transcribed for easier reading), with translations in Greek and in English. Agamemnon Tselikas, made the Italian transcription and the translation in Greek; Eleni Agathou the translation in English. With contributions by George Tolias, Leonora Navari and Artemis Scutari.
A real jewel! (Try a view of sample pages)
ISBN 978-960-87792-2-8, Athens 2006, 205x280 mm.
Conctact: Artemis Scutari

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